Foreseeable History

When Valkyrie came out. I was easily one of the first people to see it. To speak honestly would be to admit my lack of Hollywood connections in getting to it. But seeing that I am Nigerian it goes without saying that loving movies the way I do requires me to have a guy to keep me surrounded by movies. Lets not waste this rant on the rightness/wrongness /okayness of having a movie pirate at my disposal. I am not his employer, just merely a benefactor [one of many I might add] Anyway I continue to sleep at night because he is a genuine mouth to feed in this third world, unlike those in the land of opportunity who merely take advantage of others. In this instance I am not sure if I am referring to people who steal movies to upload onto the Internet or those who make absurd amounts of money because they are in the movie industry. [Your call]

    Anyway back to my story, watching the movie my general preoccupation and anxiety was over the survival expectations of our heroes. When the movie finally makes its way into popular circulation, it drives half my workmates bunkers. Two of them crowd a 13inch lappy, terrified that the plan to assassinate Hitler will fail! Our boss mostly turns a blind eye or participates in our general tomfoolery. So I am not cautious when I say,

    “I won’t tell you the end but this is based on a true story”

    to taunt them. They continue to pester me until I finally shout,

    “the plan fails.”

    But they do not believe me

    “who would make a film were Hitler survives an assassination attempt”

    … ehm everyone because that’s what happened. This is my very sad conclusion; they know who Hitler was, but nothing else about his life. I know that our national history or any kind of history is not considered a prestigious subject, with our rundown museums, cookie cutter level textbooks and the total absence of historical movies from our film industry. Nigeria’s money apparently lies in law, medicine, accounting and engineering. This makes me wonder what we may be doomed to repeat.


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