Nigeria, waiting on the God solution

    I could bore you and deaden my brain cells by reciting the monotonous storyline found from movie to movie to movie in Nollywood. Start watching a movie and provided it is a Nolleywood production you can very easily within seconds deduce the plot line, the twist (a word I grudgingly use) and of cause predict the movie’s outcome. If you’re at a lost for what I mean then you’re their target audience. Out of the goodness of my heart here is a hint of what to expect, right before the credits role you get an eyeful of Thanks be to God. Who five minutes before came through with a miraculous breakthrough. If art imitates life, then the moral sold by Nollywood is that God, will come through for you… eventually, sometime right before the very end!

    Even with tragedies Nigerians must have their happy ending. So the previously thwarted couple wind up together, while the wicked get punished. All this in the 5 minutes buildup to the third sequel’s end

    Sorry to make this my pulpit but does Nollywood know who God is. Nolly lacks the creativity and believability. Their miracles are all the same and therefore a trivial part to their formula. You suffer, you pray and pray, and pray and then a coincidental answer. Any god worth his salt, even the lesser sangos, oguns, oyas, osuns would not withhold a solution to the good and trade in prayers. By nature God is mysterious, “His ways are not our ways,” so why the heck would he do something as obvious to answer your prayer, when he has been ignoring you all along. If he wants to make a point, I bet he is a lot smoother than causing a guilty conscience confession or giving an inexplicable cure. We are talking about the dude who allowed Joseph to be taken into slavery in anticipation for a famine decades later.
    I appreciate that Nollywood has created a livelihood for thousands of Nigeria. But there is a difference between making money to get by and reinvesting thousands in the creation of further garbage. Come on, Nollywood is a billion dollar industry and they can’t put together one Cannes worthy movie each year? Really? Nigeria is the birthplace of Wole Soyinka, Chinu Achebe & that Purple Hibiscus chick. My point being that this country is not devoid of true writing talent. Our scripts suck because our writers suck period.

    Here is a thought FIRE all writers and hire real talent, don’t just rely on a good storyline, makes sure that the one on one conversations are true to life and for god sake when you give him credit, make it be of something he would do. When next I watch a miracle I want it to be so unbelievable that only God could have done it.


4 thoughts on “Nigeria, waiting on the God solution

  1. Yamika, you have a writing style that can be summed up as beautiful. You paint scenes casually. Your wit is just right, and the ability to communicate your ideas by allowing the reader to see through your eyes is a talent you appear to have mastered. I could easily buy a book that you wrote if one was written and available.

    My only problem with discovering you is: HOW DO I GET MORE OF YAMIKA’S WRITING???

    Stay real and keep writing.

    • I have been working on a book, or should I say several books for as long as I have been writing, but I also tend to procrastinate a lot. I’ll but something on my page when I finally get it done.

      • Okay. I will keep checking in on your blog at this site. Do you have any other sites that you visit to post your thoughts and convey your perspective of Nigeria, the world, life, and miscellaneous topics?

        I live in Florida, United States, and I am ignorant of the thoughts of black people like yourself that project such a rich, human experience of living on the other side. You seem to have so much to say judging by your eyes. So whatever it is that you have to say, Yamika, I am all ears.

        PS: I am not surprised about the procastinating. You strike me as someone filled with a constant stream of thoughts as you absorb and digest the world around you.

  2. I likey likey likey your straightforward and up to the bush point of view.

    We should write a proper script for Nollywood, really!

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