2am? Seriously?

    My fellow Nigerians, “I hereby move a motion that the senate should adopt I go dye (the Warri comedian) as the new president of Nigeria, until we get out of this comical stage”[ Bayo Omo-Akin on facebook] He may have a point. We have accelerated past the point of things I though were remotely possible and now reside firmly in Never-neverland!
    I was privileged enough to be in Abuja when His excellency the ominiabsent one returned. Allegedly! Under the cover of dark he was smuggled in were once again it was alleged that he walked on his own from his plane and then from his ambulance into his house. Like everyone else, I have seen no real proof of anything.
    Speaking personally, after such a pronounced absence the best thing would have been to manipulate the propaganda machine in your favour. Less undercover stuvves, for false bravado. He should have him greeted in broad daylight by some kind of military parade. If you are going to give people the run-around you should at least pretend to have nothing to hide. Now we no longer suspect, but know that he is involved in some serious cover-up (My money is on his absence being down to the amount of time it took his body double to recover from major cosmetic surgery. Clearly not a full recovery but enough to fool people at 2am in the morning)
    The twitter machine has since kicked into full gear with allegations of Goodluck intend to quit (please say it with me: From where to where?) Quit as what? VP or Acting president? Also this girl would like to ask, will the president face some kind of query concerning his absence? ‘My guess and I’m a pretty good guesser, NO, Nian, Nadda!’ and why should he, by my reckoning all this has not phased the masses. They will grumble but life is to busy going on. No one will line up for fuel for anyone who is otherwise concerned with political matters. The best we could get was a few minutes mention on CNN after the killer whale story and even that did not speculate on First lady Turia’s role in all this.

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