Smell That?

    And NO! why would The Rock come and cook in Nigeria!


    So the other day I went down to the salon. A necessary evil that my genes require of me (see Chris Rock’s documentary Good Hair) while my hair was being washed the attendant (what do you call a girl who washers hair… stylist?) leaned over and I caught a whiff of something.

    This was after I had driven halfway across town in Lagos traffic. I was under the delusion that my efforts would save me money. As my nostrils filled up and I squelched my gag reflexes, I came to conclusion that whatever I saved in Naira I lost in time, effort and the general discomfort that is expected from enduring extreme BO.

    Among the many talks parents are required to give, I think that deodorant talk was the least awkward. It required fewer hand gestures, pauses than the birds and the bees talk. And did not leave me confused. This lead me to ask if
    “Anyone can explain to me Nigeria’s widespread perversion to antiperspirants?
    My old boss and I had a heated hushed debate about the office driver. Nice boy, not too bright, never wore any antiperspirant. My boss felt it was rude to tell him to use some and I was sick and tired of riding in a car with air-conditioning with my head sticking out like a dog. The longer the day the stuffier the car got.
    There is no scarcity in the markets or store (I’ve checked) there is no limitation in choices (again checked) This lack of use is also not limited to the lower classes. In fact the only thing worse is a boss with bad BO that tries to camouflage it with designer perfume. I’m just saying if it came down to a choice between perf or roll-on. I’d go with antiperspirant. So instead of being too polite can we be better friends/employers/random bystanders and tell people to either stop perspiring or find deodorant that works.
    Try this

    Try these

    BTW: might I also add that more people should also consider breath fresheners & body lotion. Its good grooming not rocket science!

2 thoughts on “Smell That?

  1. I agree with ‘Slender Sam’ there are difficulties is crossing that line with people. I think if you hire them you can tell them to wear antiperspirant. and while we are on the topic whats the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant

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