All puff, no power with pink.

    I’m an aunt now, a real one. So all you market people trying to flatter me into buying your crap and the entire younger than me Nigerian population, who play at being respectful by calling me aunty can suck it (respectfully). I don’t need you to call ‘aunty’ anymore.
    As we aunts know, with baby nieces, come baby feet and baby talk and baby diapers but most importantly big (not baby) responsibility. So now I must give up my life of anarchy. (Crickets) Fine my life of passive aggressive mutiny and take on this challenge. Awesome we are all on the same page.
    These days most people are less verbal of their preference for male children, because recently little girls got upgraded to little accessories.
    Not to point a finger at Hanana, Britney, Lindsey, but methinks that baby girls these days are way over dressed. Seriously if she can’t count, I seriously doubt she needs a weave or braids to weigh her down, even if they have sparkly beads attached.
    Lil boys have it good. Worst case scenario, they get a cool afro or a mohawk and people think it’s cute if they want to run around naked. Little girls get little heels, and bedazzled clothes, not to mention the bangles, and beaded bracelets. Isn’t it a little early to be husband hunting?

    I won’t go into the ½ tops that are more slutty than cute. I mean does anyone else long for the good old days of aunty-give-me cake ball gowns and mama-tie-me-for-back dresses, that you could twirl round and round and round in. Okay maybe those days weren’t so great. Those dresses were kinda itchy, but I don’t think this invasion of pink is the answer.

    Besides, who died and assigned pink to girls? And blue for boys? Not to go feminist paranoid on you, but how come girl toys are mainly pink, while boys get to play with a multicolored arsenal of toys? Most people buy cars, bricks, legos, action figures, planes for boys but tend to buy doll and doll accessories for girls. (Be honest, are you one such person?) Seriously how many of us can grow up to be fairies, princesses and mermaids? Plus am I the only one who finds it strange that those bratz have no noses (I see a future of unrealistic plastic surgery aspirations in our future)
    I’ve gone and said what we all know. Nigerian girls grow up to be second class citizens. Sure these days they get educated and can have jobs, but the most people expect from them is still to get married and have children. If one more person says ‘Na woman’ in reference to bad driving, I just might do something very unaunty like. So my fellow aunties lets do the right thing. Let little girls be little girls. Cute, comfortable and free, at least till they are old enough to understand our reality as Nigerian females.

One thought on “All puff, no power with pink.

  1. yeps yeps. i never did the whole doll thing. preferred legos n my neighbour’s matchbox car set (complete with working racetrack no less!). the only time i ever asked for a barbie was when i saw it came with a comic book (in those innocent days, i believed all comics were well….comics! of course now i no better).

    so yeah i’m with u new aunty. let the girls they can be who n whatever they want in life. Lord knows the reality is harsh enough as it. Leave em to dream. i for one will be taking my sisters’ and friends’ daughters tree climbing. so be warned!

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