PSA: Live and Let the Young!

    I love that CNN show that looks for similarities between cultures from opposite sides of the globe. Which is mostly an irrelevant statement, except to explain the presence of the next quote.

“Restricting talented people is the biggest problem in the entertainment business in Japan”- Erika Sawajiri

    Now I never say this about people, I don’t know and only recently heard about but what she said totally sums up the whole the Nigerian entertainment industry. Frag that*, it sums up our whole federation. Talented people all over Nigeria are going to waste, but that is another day’s rant.
    I will be the last to admit how outraged I was when MTV gave Carson Daly the boot. But looking back if not then, when? A person can only get away with calling the holding of a mic in one hand and putting the other hand in your pocket, as talent for a limited amount of time.
    Plus the dude singlehandedly created tara-boob-out-reed. Anyway, enough with the super stale Carson-bashing and on (belatedly as usual) to my point. Getting carsondailied** is a good thing! Yeah I said it.
    My rose coloured glasses have fallen off and now I see the real light***. Some people are just too freaking ugly/old/just-plain-wrong to host some shows. Cough-Glo-Naija-Sings-cough-guy. This also goes to that piece of plastic that hosts ‘don’t forget the lyrics’. If you have to make superficial international knockoffs please provide a little eye candy to make it bearable.
    So entertainment industry, in summation, please hire age appropriate people. When they get too old to be hipsters, ignore their star power and hire new people who are actual hipsters. That is how stars are made. Create more fitting opportunities so that the old hipsters feel a need to grow instead of pathetically hanging on (Kenny/D1). Finally, anyone who insists on producing a show and casting themselves must be under contract (with themselves) to look the part and sound like they know what they are saying.

*yeap that was a BSG reference.

**carsondailed /‘ka:(r)sΛŋdeĪlid)/verb (slang) to get fired from a job because you reached a certain age: She got totally carsondailed from when they found out it was her birthday.

*** Figuratively speaking, in actuality PHCN is still withholding light.


One thought on “PSA: Live and Let the Young!

  1. yep! yep! preach it sister! dunno why nigerians use old (and painfully ugly) people to host shows directed at the young audience. but like u said its our way of life. noone wants to bow out gracefully and let the young folks in.

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