Lucky Strike

    The funny thing about Nigerian strikes is that there are no picket lines to cross, no clever banners, no kids who should be in school with inappropriate signs that they do not understand (for that sympathy shot that appears on the news) There is no gathering of the common folk. It is basically a public holiday. Then the government mets and makes a deal that works a little bit in their favor and a little bit in the favor of the union bosses and then we all go back to work.

    Meanwhile we live, leave live for our strike, whatever, we are not around and glad about not being there. The proof was in the tumbleweed in the office parking lot during the last strike or was it the one before that? How do I know this? Because like a stooge I’m programmed to get up and go to work every day. This makes me that person other people call to make sure that the strike is actually on (I’m also the person whose calls people avoid incase I’m trying to inform them that the strike is off)
    So far this movember I have witnessed very few great mustachios and four strikes yes four, count them:

    The Doctor’s strike (aka the bad-wage-bad-working-condition strike, resolved by better-wage-same-working-conditions)

    The minimum wage (aka a the media-does-not-strike because how else will people know what’s going on strike)

    The Journalists strike (aka now-we-strike strike, unfortunately NTA did not side with the rest of the media making the news blackout obsolete)

    And of cause now we are having the token fuel delivery guys strike (aka bring-out-your-light-clothes-and-sunscreen strike because all we have to look forward to are long fuel queues in the hot HOT sun!)

    So to anyone who sees this strike as a chance to strike a bargain or strike it rich, you can strike that off. You are only going to strike out. So strike up the band, catch your trips and have a good strike while the iron is hot (hehe) Do what strikes your fancy and strike out on your own, maybe strike up conversation because tomorrow its back to work. Okay it’s out of my system. To reiterate, this is no lucky strike, its simply a public holiday. So happy hunting for fuel with your family this holiday season!


5 thoughts on “Lucky Strike

  1. Before you throw out advice like this, ask one question…. What would Jesus do? We should have a strike party…..I’m sure you know the date of the next strike.

    • I can’t believe I forgot the parties because if there is one thing Nigerians love more than strikes, it partying… good looking out, strike party at mine.

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