2012: How is going to end?

    Happy New year twice over, (counting the Chinese New year) and welcome to the end. January is winding down and so far my resolution to blog more is not looking to good and so to save face here I am.
    Somewhere in the middle of the fuel subsidy debacle I started to think that maybe the Aztecs were onto something, when they called 2012 the end of the world. With that in mind all the things that needed doing started to seem needless.

    In the spirit of full disclosure, let me admit that the uprising gave me a little pleasure. On one hand yeah, Nigerian people with backbones, but that was just a secondary thought. First thought: Can you imagine all those smug American heroes walking around looking for a disaster to avert, only to be disappointed by the fact that they are in the wrong country. I blame Hollywood. Seriously, who else told us that some know-it-all, badass American would save us? Hello Indiana Jones/Sam Witwicky/Jason Bourne/Jack Bauer/Chuck Norris… all part of the Hollywood propaganda machine.

    I was also a bit disappointed to note that things were not leaning towards a zombie apocalypse (it’s a real thing) because that would mean all my planning would go to waste, but still it’s early days. Who knows maybe 2012 is lulling us into a false sense of security before springing the undead on us.
    If Hollywood had taught us anything it’s thatskynet will probably pass over Nigeria because of our general lack of internet access and yahoo-yahoo boys. We are also a no go for aliens. If you doubt me, please reference a film where destruction of any part of Africa occurs (No Kajola does not count as a film). Sure in Independence Day the aliens hover over the pyramids in Egypt but not much fighting or destruction actually occurs in Africa. Why? Because Nigerians eat aliens #OMgUberFacts!
    Anyway, throughout the one week of strike, I managed to go to work twice, forget about finding a honey to fulfill my valentine’s day gift needs and waste money on a huge arsenal of food (which is why I am now fat, which is totally against rule #1).

    When the dust settled it dawned on me that maybe the world had ended and this was hell. But NTA says it’s not and that’s all the proof anyone needs.

One thought on “2012: How is going to end?

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