Aero dysfunction

    No more apologies, I’d like to say that I was very busy, or that I broke my typing arm(…ehm..fingers) but the truth is far more typical. My name is Yami and I suck at time management. I’ve sometimes have brilliant blog post ideas, but my powers of procrastination keep them from being written We can only hope and pray that I change.

    Now unto the tragedy that is my life experience. May it amuse and guide you. Show of hands, who here has flown aero contractors? If your hand is up, then I’m willing to bet that you have at least the very least sworn at them, at the most sworn off them or if you are like me done both only to find yourself inline to board yet another aero flight.
    Their list of crimes are extensive, in my personal experience:
    1. They have faked flights: Here’s the con, when two consecutive flights are not full, the powers that be cancel the first one and merge it with the consecutive flight. Thus causing a huge delay for the people who paid for the earlier flight and dooming anyone who planned to seek into work in the nick of time. By advertising the availability of more flights, they sucker more people into buying their tickets. If you must be aerodynamic take the first flight of the day which is the least likely to be delayed or better yet walk.
    2. They are constantly late: If you asked a room of frequent flyers to raise their hands if they had ever been on time with aero, I’m pretty sure they would find other uses for the hands.
    3. They duct tape seats: No offence to the makers of such an outstanding product as duct tape, But when I walk unto a plane, I do not want to see chairs held together by duct tape, unless it was part of the original seat design. All I’m thinking after I see that is, “if they don’t know how to replace a chair, what else?”
    4. They charged me directly for airport charges, I mean who does that? NOBODY, THAT’S WHO!
    5. They gave me food poisoning: In my ignorant youth (Last year) I was frivolous, I actually bought airplane food. Not only did I waste my money, I also proceeded to waste the next two days in the hospital. Everyone thinks food poisoning is glamorous vomiting with a hot male nurse holding back your braids (yak) These rumors are all true… that is if you survive the excruciating pain, lack of glamour and the fact that the hawt male nurse is actually a masculine matron with a moustache.
    6. They kicked a woman off the plane for being fat, they said she looked pregnant which she didn’t. While I respect their decision to follow policy, I thought that it was in very bad taste to let her board before making accusations. They proceeded to argue with her for up to 30 minutes, then when she deplaned (It’s a real word) they spent another half hour rummaging for her luggage.
    7. Did I mention that they are sexist: In their defense, I’ve experienced some level of sexism on almost every Nigerian flight I’ve ever flown in It ranges from allowing men have overweight carryons, to attending to the needs of males before females. Anyway, the last time I dropped my sister off; aero attempted to make an otherwise painful experience into a figurative kick in the face.
    Her flight was cancelled without notice, the next flight was in four hours (minimum of eight hours in aero time) They wanted to put her on the 7pm flight of the following day. Naturally she decided to get a refund in order try her luck with another airlines but aero personnel managed to turn that into a frustrating two hour production. Now the argument can be made that my sister and I are short and therefore easily over looked but the truth lies less with our height (we are not that short) and more with our gender. Scores of men cut the line in order to get their refunds or buy tickets and our attempt to complain or copy these men was met with almost aggressive disdain and verbal rebuke.
    Did I mention she was a woman, why does it feel worse when the sexist is female? Shouldn’t we be on the same side? Nigeria’s sexist propaganda is so diehard and so effectively administered in childhood that most people are unaware of them. But that’s a blog post for another day.
    Anyway, as I write this, I am planning another trip and yes aero will be considered. What can I say; they are often the only flight within my price range. I hate and love them for that.

2 thoughts on “Aero dysfunction

  1. aero rocks! but that’s probably because i ALWAYS take the very first flight out. i’m up at that ridiculous hour anyway. and too friggn’ bad for the person driving me to the airport (hint: always have some gooey chocolatey treat on you in the car, keeps ’em unsuspecting and (sugar) high)

    oh and the day i loudly protested about the airport tax i’m sure goes straight into their pocket, the nambie pambies around me all hung their heads and shuffled away from me *rme*)

    and why are there never any cute guys sitting near enough to you to talk to through the flight? that’s MY gripe!

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