You know that gene that prevents men from asking for directions, Nigerians have a similar gene that prevents us from asking questions when we do not understand something. That is why there are still people out there who do not know the meaning of LOL but make use of it. They are genetically unable to ask. This is for them!
    Here is a hint, It’s not another word for goodbye.
    Exhibit A

    Me:Okay talk to you later
    Naijaism: LOL

    Neither is it a substitute for “Hello”

    It is not a new swear word.
    Exhibit B

    Moi: I just backed your car into a police car…Again!
    9ja: LOL

    It is not a response for something good, bad or ugly, unless said thing is also funny.

    Exhibit C

    LOL means Laugh Out Loud. At least that’s what it used to mean, recent abuse has lead to evolution. Whatever the case there seems to be an epidemic of people who LOL. This should be a good thing after all “Laughter is the best medicine” but in reality all that laughter is virtual. In reality when most people “LOL,” what they are actually doing is smiling stupidly to themselves as they stare into a BB screen.

    Please don’t frustrate my Blackberry experience with your ignorance.
    As a rule I generally don’t LOL unless actual sound escapes my grasp in response to the words or pictures on my screen. I mean I have thought about faking an LOL before, but it’s that kind of fake ego boost that has driven many idiots, to the mistake conclusion that they are funny. Cut to them wearing out my BB batteries with stupid group messages. Yami don’t play that!

    Common LOL offenses punishable by deletion

    5. LOLLLLLLLLL (and every other variation including but not limited to LLLLLLLOOOOOOLLLLL, LOLs, LOLz, LOOoooL) we get it, that was one funny joke.

    4. People who LOL when they have nothing meaningful to contribute but cannot resist the urge to do so (I’m going biblical: Proverbs 17:28- Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent; with their mouths shut, they seem intelligent.)

    3. People who LOL to deceive others into thinking that they are paying attention. Please respect yourself and have the guts to tell the other person that you don’t care.

    2. People who write out Laugh Out Loud (This is the opposite of the World War 1 problem, sure the abbreviation WW1 is easier to write, but it easier and quicker to say World War than to say WW. My point: laugh in reality and LOL in text)

    1. People who actually say LOL. Seriously? Is the laughter function on your body broken? No! Then use it.

    In closing If you get a LOL from me, there’s a huge possibility that what I actually mean is LACK OF LAUGHS!

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