I am basically trying to survive my return to chaotic Lagos, Nigeria after getting a degree and an MA elsewhere.

      Trying out the whole NYSC thing, meeting old friends, while trying to make new friends [Okay the new friends thing is a lie]
      Accepting the general lack of lack of

    • electricity
    • a gazillion TV channels
    • good internet access
    • and previously overlooked perks i.e freedom

      And of cause being willfully ignorant in the pursuit of bliss in response to the stark realization that

      you truly can’t go home

      T_T maybe not that dramatic.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Yemi your writing is awesome. I read the “10 reasons to avoid Nollywood” we have had countless conversations about this and I am so happy that you published it out there to the web. One of my life time goals is to come back to Nija from LA and breathe life into our movies. If our music could bounce back our movies can. Love you Big Sis.


    P.S. I have started working on http://www.byrdink.com when its done i would love to create a space on it for your blog.

  2. now, av finally posted dat comment. and ofcos..
    i’l tel u d trut unlike evrybody els.. u’r blog is..
    till next time.
    meanwhile, if u av d presence of mind to av a fone, u shld av d presence of mind to pik it up.. even if it is once in a nepa-powered moon!
    as u must av figured out.. dis comment is not for ur blog. its 4 u.
    hapi nu yia.

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