NYSC graduates

    As my youth service draws to a close [thankfully] I eagerly count down to the October demise of my involvement with everything NYSC. Come October 7th [estimated date of checking out] there will be a bonefire at the back of my house. ‘Goodbye combats, goodbye orange boots, GOODBYE memory of hell on earth!’ But I exaggerate the small chops at the camp was quite good.
    After that I will finally be done with this whole NYSC business, that’s not counting all the hate mail I intend to write to all who wronged me [starting with the Lagos state coordinator down to every sleezy person in my office building who dared to say the words ‘corper sion’ to me]
    When I matriculated [such a pretentious word] decided to document my general experience as a Lagos State corper My observations, communications and general prejudices. [By publishing everything now, I get the benefit of my instant reaction to events as well as my afterthoughts.]
    I will post them under the following headings
  • • Fast Times at the Lagos NYSC camp: My 2 week camp diary.
  • • A breakdown of text messages to and from the Lag NYSC camp.
  • • Service outside the camp.
  • • The Youth corper’s style guide.
  • • Sad camp facts.
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