All puff, no power with pink.

    I’m an aunt now, a real one. So all you market people trying to flatter me into buying your crap and the entire younger than me Nigerian population, who play at being respectful by calling me aunty can suck it (respectfully). I don’t need you to call ‘aunty’ anymore.
    As we aunts know, with baby nieces, come baby feet and baby talk and baby diapers but most importantly big (not baby) responsibility. So now I must give up my life of anarchy. (Crickets) Fine my life of passive aggressive mutiny and take on this challenge. Awesome we are all on the same page.
    These days most people are less verbal of their preference for male children, because recently little girls got upgraded to little accessories.
    Not to point a finger at Hanana, Britney, Lindsey, but methinks that baby girls these days are way over dressed. Seriously if she can’t count, I seriously doubt she needs a weave or braids to weigh her down, even if they have sparkly beads attached.
    Lil boys have it good. Worst case scenario, they get a cool afro or a mohawk and people think it’s cute if they want to run around naked. Little girls get little heels, and bedazzled clothes, not to mention the bangles, and beaded bracelets. Isn’t it a little early to be husband hunting?

    I won’t go into the ½ tops that are more slutty than cute. I mean does anyone else long for the good old days of aunty-give-me cake ball gowns and mama-tie-me-for-back dresses, that you could twirl round and round and round in. Okay maybe those days weren’t so great. Those dresses were kinda itchy, but I don’t think this invasion of pink is the answer.

    Besides, who died and assigned pink to girls? And blue for boys? Not to go feminist paranoid on you, but how come girl toys are mainly pink, while boys get to play with a multicolored arsenal of toys? Most people buy cars, bricks, legos, action figures, planes for boys but tend to buy doll and doll accessories for girls. (Be honest, are you one such person?) Seriously how many of us can grow up to be fairies, princesses and mermaids? Plus am I the only one who finds it strange that those bratz have no noses (I see a future of unrealistic plastic surgery aspirations in our future)
    I’ve gone and said what we all know. Nigerian girls grow up to be second class citizens. Sure these days they get educated and can have jobs, but the most people expect from them is still to get married and have children. If one more person says ‘Na woman’ in reference to bad driving, I just might do something very unaunty like. So my fellow aunties lets do the right thing. Let little girls be little girls. Cute, comfortable and free, at least till they are old enough to understand our reality as Nigerian females.

Parking Mad

    Things in Lagos are hard (duh!) and one thing you can count on remaining hard is finding a parking spot. It is a fact that the closer you get to your destination; the harder it is to find parking. To be clear, there are spaces were you might perch your car but chances are, that the moment you encounter such a primo spot, you will be set upon by one of the following:
      1. A matching set of “no parking” signs chained together.
      2. Spots that perpetually say reserved but have never in the company’s existence been occupied.
      3. And the coup de grace; The MD’s space. This remains the most coveted spot, protected by uniformed stooges who will only materialize after you have performed your most incredible feat of parking.
    Banks are the number one repeat offender of this crime. Never mind the fact that their MD is often halfway around the world. Or that he has a driver that will pick him up from the front of the building; because lets face it people of his caliber are incapable of walking in the sun.
    As humble customers duke it out with uniformed guards for a spot that the MD has probably never seen, I take time out to issue blame. What stupid architect does not recommend parking? No, he probably thought that there should be more parking too.
    Yeap! Like everything else that’s wrong in Nigeria, this problem comes from the top. He, who pays the piper, dictates the parking. These are people who won’t think twice about putting a 20ft-shopping plaza in an area that’s possibly residential. You can get the state to approve obviously illegal construction, yet the idea of a parking lot is foreign to you.
    Here’s my point. To the CEOs, the MDs and all the other BIs (Big Initials) give up your spots and if you are so lazy, get your driver to do his job and pull the car around. In the end, try and think of the customers because we are getting sick and tired of this and a pissed of Yamika tends to key the cars of executives…Just saying.

Other parking offenses include:
• The total lack of handicap parking and access ways
• Bikes that take up whole car spots
• Badly parked cars (those lines aren’t suggestions)

Joy walker

    …get a car or get of the road!

    I don’t usually side with mopo (the mobile police) but I was filled with inexplicable glee, the other day, as they rounded up people who where crossing the road in spite of oncoming traffic.

    There is a new breed of road hazard much dumber than okada drivers and they are called pedestrians. While the worst behavior I have observed have been carried out by men, women are not the exception. I saw an obviously preggers teen walking around in the rain in bad traffic as if she where in her own living room.
    Like this young boy who cut me off the other day. I’m not sure what his mother was on when she had him but he is clearly an idiot as a result. I know this because he was wearing a sweater vest. He wasn’t wearing a uniform from a private school, therefore there is no way he was coming from an air-conditioned classroom. Meaning that his decision to wear said vest in this Lagos heat was for fashion purposes. Turing insult to injury this juvenile gestured for me to slowdown and began to cross before I even thought about decelerating. Mind you he had ample time to cross before I got there but I guess he wanted to poison my eyes with his vest monstrosity which FYI did not match his uniform (There is no eye drop in the ‘verse that can erase the sight of his purple/green sweater vest against his cream/red uniform) Had it been that time of the month that boy would have become paste.
    Obviously the road is public domain, but in a quest to follow the chicken across the road these people have become headless chickens. We already know that most Lagos drivers are homicidal. Why tempt us. Please, please, PLEASE: look both ways, use your walkways and if you cut across traffic make it snappy. The streets not your catwalk.
    This public service announcement has been brought to the good people of Gidi by the Don’t-be-a-maga corp. Seriously! Forget who born you people will start singing the ‘who killed the maga’ remix.